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Of course these are not universal models that will work in all cases. For example, a brand name in the title will attract an audience only if it is recognizable and has a good reputation. So it s best to experiment with names and test different options to choose the best combination in our case. It is also worth remembering that product titles may be display differently on different devices and thus the system may cut them off in some cases. The title field is limit to characters and it s fine to use it, but make sure the most important information is at the beginning of this section. In the Google Shopping tab.

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Titles are truncat after characters, so it s best to fit the most important data in this pool. How to optimize descriptions in product fe In the case Sri Lanka Business Email List of a product description in the fe, we have , characters at our disposal. Of course, we don t have to use all of them, but this field is a place for us to place many keywords. Admittly, this will not guarantee that the product will be display for these words, but it significantly increases the chances that this will happen. However, the description should not only be saturat with keywords, but also valuable for the user. Therefore, it is worth making sure that it describes the product.

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Comprehensively and is of high quality. The description for each product should be unique, which increases the chance that the system will correctly select the one from our list of products that best matches the given query from the search engine. For this field, it is best to use a minimum of characters, although of course the more useful information for the user, the better. However, the question remains where to get information, which keywords will be the most valuable for a given product. This is where the free Google Trends tool comes in BTC Email List handy. We can enter keywords that are associat with our product and check.

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